Brave Beyond Belief: Eric LeGrand

Eric LeGrand discusses how his football injury changed his life forever.

Eric LeGrand Book Cover 

Imagine your dream – one of the biggest driving forces in your life. You eat, sleep and breath for your dream because if you achieve your goal then you can deem yourself successful. Your dream is the motivation that gets you through the tough days. What if, without warning, your dream was taken away from you within seconds? You would be left with a harsh reality, left to pick up the remains of who you thought you were, and left to figure out who you were.

Eric LeGrand is a defensive tackle who played college football for the Rutgers Scarlet Kings of the Big East Conference. LeGrand loved football and dreamed of making it a career. Then on October 16, 2010 LeGrand suffered a severe spinal injury during a game. After a gruesome tackle, LeGrand laid on the field unable to move from the neck down. Despite the odds, LeGrand has continued to make progress and beat the odds.

In an interview the courageous athlete talks about the brave path he continues to follow.

What is your daily motivation to keep trying to get improve and keep on keeping on?

My daily motivation is all the people that are looking up to me and are supporting me through this patch of my life. I take my therapy as a responsibility to get better in order to show miracles do happen through faith, hard work and determination.


What advice can you give to young athletes who have or are facing injuries?

I tell all athletes that they have to continue to fight no matter what the injury is, do not get down on yourself. Just know that you will have to work hard in order to get where you want to be and from there you just have to do it.

Who’s idea was it to write a book? What inspired you to tell your story?

I have always thought about having a book, especially since my injury so once I was able I talked to my agent and we worked it out and I was very excited. There was a lot of people that did not know the inside and out of my story and I wanted to get that out there through my book and explain everything I went through and show them my motivation in life.

What’s in the future for you?

In my future. I see myself as a motivational speaker traveling the world, inspiring people with my story. I also will be broadcasting football games as an analyst either in studio or at the games, breaking down the game of football for the viewers at home. I also see myself back up on my feet walking all over this world.

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