Do You Remember Pearl Harbor Day 1941?

President Franklin D. Roosevelt denounced it as a "Date that will live in infamy." It was the day America was dragged into World War II.

BY: Rob Kerby


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into “relocation camps” in the California and Arizona deserts. There, they stared out through barbed wire at angry Americans denouncing them as “dirty Japs.”

The notice ordering Japanese into camps

My grandfather was so appalled that he took his family out into the desert for most of the war, living at camps in California and at Casa Grande, Arizona. Toward the end of the war, they ended up in Gunnison, Utah, when some Japanese-Americans were permitted to live outside of the barbed wire as tensions eased.

Internned Japanese-American kids recite the Pledge of Allegiance

A loyal, patriotic American, my grandfather came under severe criticism. There was little financial support for a missionary who seemingly had taken the side of the enemy. Yet, he was convinced these heartbroken Americans whose ancestors had immigrated decades earlier were no enemy. Any who wished to return to Japan were given free passage back there. The ones in the U.S. internment camps wanted nothing to do with an empire on the other side of the world that had attacked their native homeland.

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