Changing in the New Year

Change is inevitable. What can you look forward to in the New Year and how will your thinking play a part?

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Changing in the New Year

What's going on, Steve?

Have you ever noticed that your Facebook "Status" page is always asking you this question, "What's happening?" Or, "What's going on...?"

Here's what's happening: CHANGE! Little changes. Big changes. Minor ones. Major ones. This will be a year of change -- and some of it big -- for many of you reading this. Maybe, me too. Who knows?

We don't.

What I do know is that there are various ways I typically respond to change. Maybe it's the same for you.

Sometimes, I welcome change. A new job. A new client. An unexpected job opportunity appears. A few pounds are lost. A new me emerges altogether. The list is endless.

Mostly, however, when it comes to change, I resist it. Or worse, I pretend it isn't happening.

Over the years I've learned a couple of important things about change. You can take these to the bank, deposit them in an account called "life experience," and know that, by trusting them to work, you can expect to earn a lifetime of positive dividends.


1. When the pain of being the same is greater than the pain of being different, you will change. I do not remember who said this, but I know it is true.

My stepfather, for example, was a heavy smoker for years. One day, in his 50s, he had a heart attack, followed by by-pass surgery. One day, near the end of his recovery, the surgeon said to him, "You keep smoking and you'll be dead in less than five years." In an instant, after nearly 50 years of heavy smoking, he gave it up. He went on to live more than 20 years longer.

When the pain of remaining the same becomes greater than the pain of changing, you WILL change. You can apply this truth to almost anything. When the pain of remaining in a bad marriage becomes greater than the pain of public opinion, you will end it. That is, you will change.

I've learned something else about change.

2. The world as we know it (and that includes your world as you are experiencing it) is largely the product of our thinking. Since that is true, the world will not change -- nor will yours -- without changing our thinking. So said Albert Einstein.

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