Billionaire Chooses To Give It All Up

Philanthropist and founder, Charles Feeney, wants to give away his fortune by 2016.


09/26/2013 03:29:15 PM

Dear Mr. Feeney. I'm writing to you, because, I'm in great need of help. My name is Carl. I'm 56 and been unemployed for 3 months now. Applied for about 30 jobs and nobody calling. My former employed, denied my unemployment. I'd be OK, if it weren't for that. About, to run out of money. Going crazy, not working. About, to give up. But, I have to be strong. There's people, counting on me. My grandson, who's 4 and love him dearly. I told my girlfriend. I don't know what else to do??? She said, you've done all you can. If you could find it, in the kindness of your heart? And, the blessing of God. Please, help me. I could use about $2000.00, to get me back on my feet. Anything, would do. My e-mail is My home phone is 337-907-6577. If, you like to call? The sooner, the better. God bless and thanks, for your time, Carl.


09/24/2012 12:08:45 PM

Hello Mr. Feeney: Would you be willing to help me pay for a website called, and also pay for advertsising on search engines to bring in people who want free advice about their psychological problems? If so, contact me at