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Take actions into your own hands and use your powers to become successful. You already possess the keys to success, you are just missing the inspiration and guidance.

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The first reason is that he is comfortable where he is and is reluctant to take a step into the unknown. It’s the classic ‘better the devil you know than the devil you don’t’ syndrome. Someone might be miserable in his present job, relationship, or location, but at least that situation is known to him. Growth by definition is uncomfortable, so if a person’s primary motivation is comfort, then he will always default to complacency.

The second reason people fear taking action is that they don’t want to experience failure. Failure causes us to confront our inadequacies which can reinforce any insecurities we have about ourselves and our abilities. Not taking action allows us to not have to face failure, and thus retain the fragile illusion of safety and control.
What are some practical steps we can take to start taking action when we’re fearful?
If you recognize the need to act but are having trouble moving forward, then you need to either get in touch with the negative consequences of staying where you are or the positive benefits of moving ahead. Ask yourself what your future looks like without the change. Chances are it’ll be more of the same, or the situation will continue to deteriorate, especially if you’re not invested in working on creating growth and change in that environment.

To motivate yourself positively, you need to think hard about where you want to wind up. What will your life look like if you move forward with this change? I like to google images that remind me of where I want to be. I print those pictures and put them in a vision notebook so that I can look at them often. I find that when I do, the motivation to take action is not hard to find.
How does God fit into our pursuit of success?
Being a faith-based person, I don’t ever think of trying to fit God into my plans, success or otherwise.  I’m not comfortable with the idea of writing a plan and then asking God to sign off on it. I think a better approach might be to seek God and submit my goals and dreams to his will. For example, I might want to retire and be a beach bum, but it just might be that God has a bigger plan for my life. It might be that he has created me with the ability to do more than seek my own comfort.

I believe that God has created us in his image with an unlimited capacity for creativity and growth. Along with that gift comes the responsibility of using that life. For me, the question every day is, how can I use the gifts I have been given to serve my family, community, and world? By doing so, I believe I am best serving God.


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Angela Guzman
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