Angels All Round Us

Are angel’s fictitious? Do they protect us, or is it just wishful thinking? Although we can’t see these protectors, it doesn’t mean they’re a fairy-tale says author Anthony DeStefano.


11/12/2012 04:51:12 PM

I came across "Angels All Around Us" recently, and I decided to buy it. I have already recommended it to my friends. The book is fantastic! I was floored by the insight this author has on the subject of spiritual warfare! He talks about Angels, Demons, Heaven, Hell, God, etc. The book is SO good, to the point, simple to understand (even though the subjects haven't been explained well - EVER), and it is written as if you are right next to the author and he's telling you a story! You don't want to put the thing down - I highly recommend it. I'm glad to see so many people talking about it - people will be lucky to get this book for Christmas this year!