An Unexpected Adventure

Here are some great affirmations to help you make the most of your life!

BY: Sharon Taphorn


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Take Regular Time-Outs!

Take a time out from all of your cares and taking care of others and take care of yourself. You are at your best and highest use to be in service when you are rejuvenated. Allow and ask your angels to help you to heal, to help you rest and help you find peace. Ask that your energy be cleared and balanced, and if you need to experience a physical healing, then ask for Archangel Raphael to overlight the process and your journey and share his healing light.

Make regular time for yourself and release whatever in the world is dominating your thoughts. Feel the love and connection with your angels and let that become your dominant focus.

You are nearing the end of a cycle and so look around to see if there is anything you have left incomplete. This is the time to finish off with the old so that you can move forward with ease and grace. Call upon your angels to comfort and guide you as you prepare for a new aspect of your journey. Remember to set your intentions as you create that which you are thinking about, and this is the time to consciously create in your world.

Affirmation: "I can easily release any thoughts or feelings that keep me from my center of peace and harmony. As I release these feelings I am able to be in a place that allows me to be in highest and best use to the Universe and all that is."

You are Entering a New Cycle

Be open and ready for new experiences and opportunities as you enter this new phase. It is most important for you to at least have the clarity that you want to experience something more. You do not have to state precisely where it is you wish to go or what that is, just have the intention for something better and grander than you currently are experiencing. It is the willingness to go beyond your current state that will help you shift your world.

See the beauty within yourself and others. Each of you is a flower that can bloom and grow. Take time to nurture and love yourself as this will give you the strength and desire to take each step and make it meaningful. There is great love here for you or you would not choose this to experience. Make the best of each day and know that as you do this, more awaits you when you awaken in your tomorrow.

Be Happy Now

Be happy regardless, and love who you are right Now! Love all of your perfections and imperfections, for you are absolutely perfect right now to help you accomplish your life's mission. You will know when you are accepting yourself because you will feel great just as you are. Angel guidance reminds you there is something for everyone in this magnificent Universe and you are deserving, worthy and loved for who you are and to see yourself in that light.

Affirmation: "I bless and appreciate every aspect of myself."

Take the time to say a prayer by setting your intent of what you would like to experience each day and be ready to make the most of everything and everyone and all the unexpected opportunities from Spirit to be living your life as the adventure you desire, and have a blessed day, every day.

Sharon Taphorn, Author of Angel Guidance-Messages of Love and Healing, shares her wisdom, spirit, and passion around the world through her daily angel messages, her weekly radio program Calling All Angels for more information check out her Home Page at

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