A Teacher’s Legacy

Taylor Anderson was fascinated with Japan since she was a young child. Determined to one day live there, Taylor realized her dream in 2008. She studied the language and culture, and was teaching English in one of the country's coastal cities when a devastating tsunami struck the country in March 2011.


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What is your fondest memory of Taylor as it relates to her passion for teaching/helping the children of Japan?

Every time you skyped with her, she would show you what she had planned for the next day. It was always fun to see how she would get her students excited about American culture.

Christmas Taylor

What do you think will be Taylor’s biggest legacy?

Her biggest legacy is that she is a bridge between Japan and the U.S. That is how her colleagues view her in Japan. She has given so many people the opportunity to explore a new world that may never have been available before. For example, some of her students have just visited the U.S. through a government exchange program. That is just one example of cultural exchange inspired by Taylor. Through her fund, we plan on continuing on being the bridge that Taylor once was.

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