A Beautiful Defeat

Red Sea moments can be overcome by total surrender to God.

Beautyful Defeat


Chapter 4: Life With Your Struggles


xcerpted with permission by Thomas Nelson from A Beautiful Defeat

Red Sea moments can be overcome by total surrender to God Kevin Malarkey writes in A Beautiful Defeat.

A choice faces us every time we are in a mess, entrapped in sin, or confronting our enemy in the world: Will I believe that God can find me here and find a way forward in the mess or will I harden my heart, protect my pride, and simply wish I were somewhere else? Keep yourself open to some amazing possibilities. No question, Satan is at work trying to destroy, but God is at work too. He has an alternative purpose in the worst things we face. He’s a specialist at taking the darkest day and turning it into something beautiful in your life.


This is exactly what the Bible is all about. God is a savior—the Savior Most times his salvation takes a path we didn’t anticipate, and almost always it’s through, not around, our problems . . . and only when we yield our hearts and surrender our wills to him. We’ve all had what might be referred to as a “Red Sea” moment—our backs against the wall, where every option seems to lead to disaster—but how about the real thing? Several million people without any ability to defend themselves and the army of Pharaoh bearing down on them with one purpose: slaughter.

The Red Sea stood to their backs like a prison wall. There was nothing to do but wait for the inevitable. The people cried out against Moses, and Moses cried out to God for mercy, for help, for salvation. How big are your problems? Impossible? Insurmountable? A complete disaster? Gut-wrenchingly hard? This isn’t neces¬sarily the bad news. When the scale of our troubles is beyond our abilities to do anything about them, God has the perfect opportunity to teach us something important. It’s as if God allows the trauma to escalate until we are forced to rely on him. When God is our only answer, we are right where he wants us. And, again, remember his path is almost always through the trouble, through the bitter circumstances, through the impossible relationship, through the deep water, not the easy path around our troubles . . . just like it was for the Israelites.

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Kevin Malarkey
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