5 Things to Remember During Life's Storms

Are you in the middle of one of life's storms? Or, know someone who is?

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1. Storms come to everyone. Sooner or later and, usually, sooner than later. No one is picking on you.  I know it sometimes feels as if someone may be, especially when the wind and waves are tossing you to and fro emotionally, spiritually, or even financially. Try to guard against the mental noise in your head, noise associated with thoughts and feelings that someone is picking on you...or that nobody cares...or has ever had it as bad as you. Look around. There are always others whose storms make yours look like a spring shower by comparison. Get out of your head, as often as you can. Examine every thought as to its truthfulness. Why? Because most of your thoughts are not only not true, they're not even remotely true.

2. Storms are not personal. Instructive perhaps. But not personal. So, don't take them that way. When you catch yourself thinking such things like, "God is punishing me," remind yourself that such thoughts are the consequence of faulty theological thinking and the mental conditioning that was likely preached at you for decades and drilled into you by sincere, but sincerely misguided religious people. It'll take time, too, to re-program your thinking. For now, recognize that  such thinking will lead only to greater despair...more guilt...perhaps even depression.

This is tricky, I know.  In the east, they speak of Karma. In the west, people will say, "You reap what you sow."

It is true our actions have consequences. But you cannot look at every storm as if it is some kind of Divine reaction to the choices you've made or failed to make in life.

Oh, I suppose you can. But to do so is not likely to lead to anything good and, most likely, just more pain.

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Dr. Steve McSwain
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