5 Things to Remember During Life's Storms

Are you in the middle of one of life's storms? Or, know someone who is?

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Before sundown that very day, however, my father suffered a massive stroke. Ten days later, I gave the homily at his funeral and, what's particularly ironic, the funeral was held in the very church he had just joined on the day he suffered a stroke.

The storm.

In the months that followed his passing, my personal and professional life unraveled. I tried to help my mother cope with her grief, even as I muddled my way through my own. Neither of us did very well. Within a year of his passing, I left the ministry, never to return. I went through a divorce, too, and changed careers.

Everything changed.

Storms do that to you, you know.

I was angry. Angry at Dad for leaving so suddenly; angry at God for taking him; angry at the Church for its typically glib explanations for life's personal storms - "Well, I know you're sad, but God had a reason for taking your Dad!" "It was your Dad's time to go!" "God took him because He needed more angels in heaven."

"What kind of empty explanations are these?" It is shallow, narrow theological nonsense still preached in many churches that explains the widespread and growing departure from organized religion or the Church by millions of sincere Christians.

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Dr. Steve McSwain
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