Talking With Angels: Message On Love

Lisa Owens discusses how your heart reacts to love.

Two hands holding one red heart

Angels, what can you tell us about love?

Love is actually not complex at all. On the human level it becomes a very serious and dense topic, when it is one of the most alivening and freeing emotions that a person can go through. Love is made for everyone. Love is not made just for those who are "perfect." Love is a means to make you remember where you really come from and who you are to the deepest part of your core-being. Love is like breathing because without love nothing else would exist. Love is very much a staple that when watered provides vital nutrients that are lacking in any shape or form that they exist as.

The love we talk about - not only in romantic terms, but with friends, strangers, animals, the just causes, and small moments that are shared with spirit.

Now, romantic love is something we know all about. It can be disheartening when a relationship is no longer alive and needs to be let go. One can question the purpose of the relationship, the hurt of the relationship, the expectations they had on this one person and the sadness that comes because the ties have separated.

One must fully realize that when romantic love between another begins your heart opens up fully like that of a rose. It is nourished and fed and given all the support it needs to thrive. But, when you take away the sunlight, all that it needs to grow closes just as suddenly as it opened up and dries out into a state of decay. This is why it feels so good when you fall in love and then you become so filled with sorrow when the relationship doesn't work out. It literally aches when you are in love and when you are not because your heart swells with so much love that it pours out and goes into hiding when it has disappeared fearing that love will never return. You are operating at all times from your heart. You are operating from the place that you normally do not. Yes, all humans give love but hesitate with allowing love to expand, to continue and change on a regular basis. 


We will give you an example. How many times have you received a genuine smile from a stranger and it took everything within you to smile back just as widely? What happens is that most hearts are closed down as a way to shield you from rejection of another and from hurtful incidences where you were directly hit in the heart. When you are with someone you are being asked to practice awakening the heart center's sleeping patterns. In a way you are exercising the heart muscle each day, strengthening it to open up to love, allowing it to be tolerate love and evolve to just a drop of love into a rain of love.

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