Talking With Angels: Message On Beauty

Lisa Owens discusses beauty and how it is what you make it.

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We leave you with this final note. "True beauty lies within the eye of the beholder." The Creator loves every child but not for the reasons one comes to love themselves in a jaded fashion. The Creator sees how beautiful their hearts are, the kindness of their actions, the caring of their charity, and living through channels of divine wellness.

We do try to help every person see love in themselves even if it is having another tell them they are loved. We wish more could see how beautiful they are. We end this with a prayer to Archangel Jophiel an angel of all things beautiful. Say this prayer when you need to. We will be there.

“Archangel Jophiel, angel of true beauty I’m skeptical that I am lovable or beautiful. I feel that I’m not good enough and worthless and ask that you show me otherwise. Help my outlook to morph and be one where I feel at peace with who I am. Let me see beauty for what it really is. May I compliment others on their beautiful nature and that others do the same for me in a way that is genuine and supportive. Thank you. Amen.”


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