Talking To Angels: Feeling Safe

If you're living in fear, know that angels are there to protect you.


09/18/2011 03:57:15 PM

I have had numerous experiences with angels. Although I was brought up to believe we all have guardian angels it wasn't until I communicated with Padre Pio in Italy that I realized how close a relationship they have with us. This saintly man told us to send him our angel when we needed him. I sent my angel to him often instructing my angel to not disturb Padre Pio if he was asleep because he needed his rest. It was my son's guardian angel who carried him as he "floated" and was then laid gently onto the ground in safety when his bicycle was hit by a car. He rode his bike against my orders, on the busiest street in our neighborhood. Today I do not hesitate to use my angel and other angels if I need them, even to ask them to surround my bed every night so I could have a restful sleep. I believe people are angels who are there when we need them. Also, I often tell friends that my feline companion, Bentley, is an angel having a cat experience.


09/16/2011 06:03:55 PM

I have had several angel experiences, and I truly believe they are helping me cope. Praise God for their help and love. Bless you all, and take care