Talking with Angels: Message on Prayer

Angels, what can you tell us about prayer and how it works?


Prayer is a simple act of asking or communicating with the Divine Source, God, Great Spirit, Universe, and a Higher Power along with angels, guides, ascended ones, etc., and asking for their direct intervention and guidance with pressing concerns that occur on the earthly plane. Praying does not have any strict guidelines to follow, just that you ask. Many say to add for the highest good of all, that we would not permit for anything else to happen that was not of the highest purpose for you and your life's circumstances.

Prayer is not hard to do, although you may feel like you are not doing it in a way that is right or pleasing. Pray in the ways which move you. Pray from guidance that you read from material, books, and articles you find and connect with.

Do not hesitate to pray or think it's silly or won't work. Prayers work and other times it may take longer for what you want to happen. If something doesn't happen, you can guarantee we were protecting you and it was something that would not be appropriate and give you something you can work with.


Pray for food, pray for shelter, pray for good weather, pray for a pleasant and safe trip... the list goes on and on. Prayer requests never expire or run out. Praying with emotion is a very powerful key and you will notice how different you react when you pray with feeling and heart vs. with ego. Prayers can be done through song, chant, dance, artwork, going within, and visiting a holy site which includes any shrine, church, temple, mosque. Also you might want to use amulets, symbols, and emblems all to enhance your prayers. These are not a must, but they can help to keep your vibrations at a higher level or receiving answers and results to your prayers and keep you feeling good.

Pray when you feel like, pray when you don't... even when you do not think you are praying you are. Why do you think so many people are constantly having inner dialogue and lists with themselves each day of their lives? What they are really doing is conversating with their Universal Self.. to their angels and guides and don't suspect this to be so. They think, I have not prayed today, when indeed they have been all day!

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Lisa Owens
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