How to Build a Love Altar

Bring romance into your life by making a focal point for love in your home.

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You may want to gather symbols to represent each being. For instance, a snake or caduceus to represent Raphael, roses for St. Therese, two wedding rings for St. Anthony and so on. You can get small statues and pictures of each entity or just imagine them watching over your love life and  sending bursts of love blessing sprinkles to you and the contents of your altar. You can also request prayers to ask for their assistance. Script your own prayers or use more traditional ones.
Gather small frames and place inside romantic images and quotes from your favorite romantic movies, or books that appeal to you.

Read lots of romance novels to ignite your passion and sensuality as well as inspirational ones such as from Laura Penn, Sandra Anne Taylor, and Nicholas Sparks. It will stimulate your visualization and imagination which is great. You may also want to rent or watch romantic flicks like When Harry Met Sally, Sixteen Candles or The Wedding Planner.

Clear out limiting beliefs that come about such as “I'm too ugly” or “I'll never find love”.  Write them all down and get them out in the open. Lean on the angels of love for mercy. You are connected to a Higher Power that loves you right now as an eternal soul. If you find that these techniques don't seem to be working, King or Queen Right is not showing up or you are disappointed by the process, change up your altar. Sometimes it is divine intervention or fears that keep you from proceeding with the opportunity brought to you. Let it go and try again. If you still find nothing is happening, there may be more issues for you to deal with and heal as well as karma. Don't give up though. Make sure to accept love and affection in other forms from friends, animals, and family and send it right back. That’ll contribute to your Titanic love status.

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Lisa Owens
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