How to Build a Love Altar

Bring romance into your life by making a focal point for love in your home.

Love Altar

Who said Valentine's Day can't be year-round? When you construct a love altar to enhance your love life or to give it some extra magic, it will stay with you. Here is how you can make that happen!
You will need to find the location of the romance/love area of your room according to feng shui. This is where your altar will be placed on either an end table or other suitable piece of furniture. By specifically designating this area it will help to build up the tunnel of energy and broadcast even more positivity to you wanting to attract a loving relationship into your life. This is usually in the far right upper corner of your room.

Gather some rose quartz crystals and emerald crystals to put out in the corner. These correspond to the heart chakra center, Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Raphael, angels of love and angels of healing. They’ll open you up to love as well as clear out anything that may be shutting you down from love. You may also want to see if you can purchase them in the shape of a heart or pocket stones to take with you.


On a pink piece of paper with red ink, write down at the top "My Wonderful Mate is..." and give a full list of what you desire. For example you may want a man that is romantic and writes you poetry, songs, that opens doors and a man you can have fun with. Whatever you desire, add it with some visual details and place on top of your altar.
Go to your local dollar store, look around your house, at garage sales, craft stores and at the drugstore. You want to have rose shaped candles, red or pink pillar candles that can be scented preferably soy-based and in the scents of vanilla or rose and anything that puts you in a romantic mood to decorate with.

Acquaint yourself with the various spiritual beings that are involved in love. There is Archangel Raphael, Cupid, Aphrodite, St. Therese, St. Anthony, and a swan. You have many to choose from. Just familiarize with their backstories and if you want to include them all on the altar, a few or even one that is fine to be your chosen matchmaker!

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Lisa Owens
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