Becoming Conscious With Archangel Michael

The Power of Your Angels is for anyone who has tried, unsuccessfully, to make a positive change within themselves whether that is giving up chocolate, exercising more, losing weight, stopping smoking, meditating every day - the list is endless!


Angel Affirmations

Excerpt from The Power of Your Angels: 28 Days to Finding Your Path and Realizing Your Life's Dreams

I walk on clouds …

The voices of the world disappear in their glow…

Behind me the humming of angels, before me the light…

Like in a dream, so close to freedom.

Michael Adolph

“Greetings, beloved human being. I AM Archangel Michael. If you want to live your dreams, it is very important to free yourself from all the old burdens, pain, and debris of the past. It is only when you do this that you will resonate with the wishes of your heart and become able to manifest these.

So I urge you to take time away from the world to reflect on your life in silence and to recognize where you really are. It is from this recognition that you will gain much truth about yourself, your true desires, your spiritual mission, and your current surroundings. Doing this will bring you the freedom to make new decisions for your life that will bring you closer to your goal with every single day. It is a great joy for me to support you in this with love and energy, if you so desire. Thus feel yourself surrounded by my cloak of protection so that you can start your journey without fear.”

The angels say that when we humans incarnate in this world, we take along the dreams of our soul that we would like to fulfil in this life. These dreams are consistent with our life purpose. But quite a few people lose sight of them over time, due to being told by society that they are mere fantasies.

Only few people manage to follow their “burning desire”, as Dr. Wayne W. Dyer calls it so beautifully in many of his books and talks (though this expression originates from the author Napoleon Hill). Often we admire these people with our whole heart: their eyes radiate an indescribable brightness, because they are deeply fulfilled with their lives. It feels good to spend time in their presence since they radiate such a positive energy that it feels catching.

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Isabelle von Fallois
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