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Comparing the Archangels

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How are the archangels the same or different?

Blogging on Archangels


Trust God, and Get Your Jammies on

Date: 05/19/2014

In God's presence, we live, and graze, in peace and safety. Grazing in the Salmon River Mountains, original oil painting by Steve Henderson. Life happens in grocery stores. I was in line yesterday with my loaf of English muffin bread when I overheard a deep, male voice rumbling behind me: "After this, I'm going home and getting my jammies on." I sincerely admire the poise and self-confid ...

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The Magical and Miraculous Phenomenal Woman: Four Pack of Inspiring Leaders

Date: 05/19/2014

Our power will not be squashed.  It will be celebrated.   Meryl Streep  Thanks to the Elephant like Internet record banks the introductory remarks of Meryl Streep fresh off winning the Academy Award for playing Margaret Thatcher speaking in tribute to Hilary Clinton at Tina Brown's Women in the World 2012 introduces one of the world's most dedicated activists in the empowerment of women Hi ...

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