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Kick in the Tush Tuesday: Autumnal Hypnagogia - How to touch the sun, reach for the stars, open your heart, follow your dreams!

Date: 10/14/2014

"Your gain is my pain. Call me." ~ Janice Taylor, Anti-Gravity Coach, Helping You to Rise Above and Go Beyond (self-Imposed) Limitations Today, on this very special autumnal Kick Tush Tuesday, I'd like to share a story with you!  Not the usual blog post that you might expect from me.  I'm trying something new (shaking it up!).  I hope you like it.  And if not, that's okay, too!  I'm happy to ex ...

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Yes or No: Does God Hear Our Prayers?

Date: 10/08/2014

We've all had days when we wish that we were back in bed, before we even climb out of it. Not long ago, I faced a situation -- not a major one, but not so minor that it wouldn't add its weight of stress -- that looked like it would be either A) very bad or B) not particularly good. Standing, sitting, kneeling, driving -- we pray at all times and in all places, and God hears them all. Ocean B ...

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