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Beings of Light

Date: 02/10/2016

  Beings of Light By Peg Jones, ALC We are angels of light, Always with you shining, so bright. We speak to you in many ways, Open your heart, and you will know it is us, today. Do you feel our presence, so close to you? Guiding you as you be who you truly are, Helping you to know, that you are far above the bar. We share with you insights, in so many ways We assist you in helping ...

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Tuesday, February 9th, message from your Angels

Date: 02/09/2016

Wishing everyone a Happy Tuesday, and that your day is going the way you are planning for it to go.  The angels remind us that when things may not be going as you had planned, may be a good time to take a careful look of why this is happening.  Maybe there was a need a time to slow down, or not have too much on the day’s planner.   And then when the day is going well, take that time for to thank ...

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