Angels In The Middle Ages

Life in the middle ages was very different from life as we know it now. Angels were very popular and still were around every day.

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He believed that angels were pure intellect, that they didn’t have a body but that they could appear in human form at will. He thought each angel was a separate species and a unique being rather than belonging to an ‘angelic race.’ Thomas believed that angels came from a higher sphere than humans. His train of thought was the most popular in its time.

Another angel expert was John Dun Scotus.  John believed angels were a distinct species or race of beings made up of spiritual matter. He thought angels could think and reason just like humans do only they were more perfect (or divine) in their thinking and reasoning. John said each angel had his or her own personality and that angels were higher on the spiritual hierarchy than humans but approachable to humans as intercessors between the earthly realm and the spiritual realms. He believed angels were similar to humans in appearance but made of finer matter. Personally I tend to agree with John’s opinions rather than St  Thomas.’ Whose opinions do you like best?

After the middle ages there was not much discussion about angels anymore mainly because both men had debated about angels so thoroughly there was not much else left to discuss.

Angels in Ancient Times

Angels have appeared in many different cultures and religions since the beginning of time. In some cultures they weren’t called angels per se, but rather were known as winged beings who acted as intermediaries between heaven and earth.


Interestingly cultures that have many deities tend to not mention angels whereas monotheistic religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Zoroastrianism where there is one God tend to believe in angels. Some people think this is because polytheistic religions have gods and goddesses who have particular strengths and attributes so people can pray to a particular deity depending upon their need.  Some people think goddesses such as Isis could be considered from the angelic realm. And Nike the greek messenger god could also be classified as an angel as he relayed messages to and from the gods to humans. He had wings on his feet to give him celestial speed.

Many modern day pagans believe in angels as well as different gods and goddesses. Catholics believe in one supreme god and in saints and angels who people can petition with different requests. I believe there is one source of supreme power which I call God, then there are ascended beings which I call gods and goddesses, and then angels who act as helpers and guides between the spiritual realms and the earthly realms. Then there are saints who are humans who either witnessed miraculous events or participated in miracles. I believe all humans have the capacity to create and witness miracles.

Angel Workout

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