The Angel in the Hospital Named Ruth

Due to complications, I lost my unborn child, but a woman at the hospital gave me the hope, comfort, and love I needed.

"He will give you angels charge of you in all your ways." - Psalm 91:11-12

"Do not forget to entertain strangers, you may have entertained angels, unaware". - Bible, Hebrews 13:12

An angel's healing presence has accompanied me from listening and playing with my angels from childhood to adulthood.  When all I knew were stinging, hot tears, a vision of the world settling and going to sleep, [I would] see a streak of rainbow, a message of light in the dark no matter what the situation.

To highlight just one experience: [Something] happened during my miscarriage. I was home with my 3-year-old daughter. At the time, my husband was at work. I was four months pregnant. It was evening and I didn't feel right. I ignored [the pain] yet found myself kneeling on a kitchen chair, staring out the window, and realized I was "biting" the back of the chair.I was holding my stomach so hard I could not move. There were teeth marks on the back of the chair. The pain was two minutes apart.  I called my husband and told him I was on my way to the hospital and would drop off our 3-year-old with friends. He said he would meet me at the hospital. I did not know how I would drive the car.

"It’s okay, you will make it,” a Voice said. "Go this way, hold onto this, go slow, you will be okay.” The Voice kept talking to me--the entire ride, it seemed arms were holding me and hands were holding mine over the steering wheel.

When I arrived at the hospital, the nurse took one look at me and rushed me into the ER. After vitals and an exam, the words "inevitable abortion" shot through the room. In my hysteria, I was whisked away to the operating room and received meds and "a procedure" to address the "problem.”



I woke up in a daze. My husband met me then. No one spoke. We were numb. I drifted off and he went home. I woke up up in a room with three empty beds. The Voice whispered again, "It was a little boy.” It was one week before Christmas.

I learned I was in the "problem" room on the floor with all the new mothers and babies. I felt empty, dazed, and scared. My world crumbled. I could not eat, sleep or go forward. I was inconsolable. 

It was 2 am and I could not sleep. I heard rustling in the hallway and I walked out into the hall and went to see all the new babies. I just stared, riveted to the spot.

"So which one is yours?," a lady asked. I looked up--a very warm, smiling lady with beautiful eyes stood gazing at me.

"I don't have one. They put me in the problem room," I replied. I was barely able to speak, tears were falling so fast I could not see the lady or the floor.

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Joan Wolensky
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