Angel Healing Stories with Archangel Raphael

Has Archangel Raphael healed you or someone you love? Inspired by Doreen Virtue's "The Healing Miracles of Archangel Raphael," Beliefnet readers share true personal angel healing stories.


07/19/2011 08:16:16 AM

I would like to testify that whenever, i pray to the angels, as if in answer, the butterflies come close to me , mesmerizing me with their colour, filling me with love, leaving me with wonder........the angels are there around.......sometimes they come to u in butterfly form. I have had this experience many a times and have come to pray my angel of god pray and the pray to St. Michael, the archangel most sincerely, most devoutly. Thank u angels, god's most loyal warriors.........thank u.


09/05/2010 12:51:45 AM

I would like to say that I too have called on Raphiel for help and received it, my dad had a light stroke and in the proscess they found a blood clot next to his heart and his arteries clogged, also a tumor behind one of his ears, I called on God and Raphiel my dad is home now with not blood clot, or clogged ateries, although the tumor is not yet clear will find out next week but I know that will also be gone Thank you Raphiel and my Father God


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