The Glory of Angels

Angel Art Through the Ages

Linaiuoli Madonna (details) by Fra Angelico

By Edward Lucie-Smith

“The Glory of Angels,” a beautiful, oversized coffee table book, examines and describes angels from historical, religious, cultural, and artistic perspectives.

In this photo gallery, we offer you a quick view inside the book as well as 10 selected artworks of angels depicted throughout history, from a 12th century fresco of a seraphim to angels on a sarong to angel paintings by El Greco and Paul Gauguin.

Author Bio: Edward Lucie-Smith is an internationally known art critic, historian, published poet, and author of more than a hundred books.

Photo Credit: All images featured in this gallery are reprinted from "The Glory of Angels" by Edward Lucie-Smith with permission of
HarperCollins and Scala Group SpA.  Copyright 2009.  All images, protected by copyright and watermark, are for reference use only. The downloading, reproduction, copying, publication or distribution of any image that appears on this website is forbidden by law.

Image Above: Linaiuoli Madonna (details) by Fra Angelico (1387-1455)

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The Glory of Angels by Edward Lucie-Smith The Glory of Angels
By Edward Lucie-Smith