Your Spirit Orbs Sightings

What are spirit orbs? Some believe orbs are guardian angels hovering over you as a blessing and protection. See 21 angel orbs pictures.


10/26/2013 08:09:29 PM

I just took the most beautiful photo today. My daughter had a rough incident happen to her and two friends last night and today, as she was volunteering at her theatre company's Haunted House, I caught an Orb hovering right near her. It is the most prominent orb I've ever seen . . . I just posted it on my FB page if anyone would like to see it.


10/02/2012 09:12:56 PM

I t hink you will enjoy the photos of orbs and angels in the sky on this page


05/22/2012 06:36:47 PM

Real Angel Photos are hard to come by. Check this one out!



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