7 Guardian Angels to Help You Overcome Fear

Angel Barakiel

Guardian Angel

Barakiel's name means "God's blessing." He is an ancient angel, over 130,000 years old, and is considered to be one of God's mightiest angels. According to "The Almadel of Solomon," a 17th century book purportedly written by King Solomon, Barakiel is in charge of people's attitudes and he protects innocents. Barakiel hunts evil, has dominion over lightning, and rules the month of February. He is a ruler of the Seraphim, divine creatures associated with Cherubim. Cherubim are the winged creatures, or guardian spirits, that protected the Garden of Eden.

Barakiel assists people in having a positive outlook and in experiencing good fortune. 

Barakiel has a great sense of humor and inspires laughter and joy. It is said that as he walks in his favorite place, the prayers of people appear on the trunks of the trees. He always answers prayers offered with an open heart and a willing spirit.

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