What You Don't Know About Christmas Angels

What role did the fallen angels have during Jesus' birth and how many angels sang to the shepherds? Learn more about the Christmas angels.

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3. Do all angels have good singing voices?

Like humans, some angels may have better singing voices than others, but the least gifted of the heavenly hosts probably sings more beautifully than the best human. Since angels aren't hampered by human skin or other earthly constraints such as voice boxes, they probably "sing" in a totally different way, but I’ll bet they're always singing on key.

4. How many angels were in the Christmas choir for that concert over Bethlehem?

In the New International Version of the Bible, Luke 2 states there was “a great company of the heavenly hosts” while the King James Version states there was “a multitude of heavenly hosts.” There are countless angels (think millions and billions as a start), so the choir was limited only by the space in the sky over the shepherd’s field. Their number may also have been limited so that music wouldn’t be overheard by the entire town of Bethlehem. No doubt every angel in heaven would have loved to have been chosen for the historic event.

5. Did the angels have to rehearse in heaven before they sang to the shepherds?

Most of us who sing in a choir learn the music on our own first to sing the right notes and then practice to sing together. There are humans who are so gifted that they are able to look at a piece of music and sing it correctly the first time. The angels must be able to do it even better. My guess is that the angels probably memorized their song immediately and rehearsed for the sheer joy of it before singing to the shepherds. Read more: Shepherding the Angels

6. Did the other angels in heaven listen in?

Yes, I am sure the balcony of heaven was filled with angels listening. Although, wherever they were, every angel was probably singing and celebrating. Unlike the angels that the shepherds saw, these other angels would have been in their natural spirit form and unseen by human eyes. Since angels in spirit form do not take up space, there was probably no limit to the number of angels observing.

7. Which angel wrote the Christmas song "Glory to God in the Highest"? Are some angels composers, always writing new music, or do the angels sing and play the same songs over and over for all eternity?

All angels are not the same. God has given each of them varying abilities, and they serve in many different ways, from being a guardian angel to ruling spiritual realms. Since God is also known as the Creator, the angels probably revel in creating things like music and songs.

Maybe God created some angels with the gift to compose music like humans, but what humans can do well, angels can do much better. Many of their compositions might be sung and played over and over, like our “Hallelujah Chorus.” Just as Bach wrote new music for every Sunday service, so the angels may compose appropriate music for every new situation. I believe the first Christmas song is an example.

8. Was Gabriel the angel who spoke to the shepherds?

Gabriel appeared to Mary at the annunciation, but we don't know if it was Gabriel who spoke to the shepherds because the Bible does not say. Even if it wasn’t Gabriel, it probably wouldn’t have mattered to him since angels don’t have egos. Every angel would have been overjoyed just to have any role in the birth of Jesus.

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