Guardian Angels, Part 2

In the second part of two articles on guardian angels, our angel expert answers questions on seeing divine protectors and warrior angels living among us.


10/16/2009 09:13:55 PM

My thought is there has always been evil. but i find you must always look for the good. there is plenty of good all around us everyday. It might just be a simple smile , being with family reading a good book talking with a friend.Every morning I could cry for all that is wrong and then go on with my day after a quiet moment in prayer. Then all just falls into place. I stopped asking questions and just go with the flow. I always know there is a plan and when i see the result i understand. Noise from say the tv can cause confusion and made you angry. Watching the food channel might give you a new idea for dinner. so I enjoy listening to music and singing. Playing with my grandchildren is fun and they have so much energy. so that gives me my energy. I do believe that Angels have been guiding me, I do feel blessed and have learned many lessons on life love and family.


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A Rustle of Angels
By Marilynn Carlson Webber and William D. Webber