Guardian Angels, Part 1

In part one of two articles on guardian angels, our angel expert answers questions on guardian angel protection and meditating to meet angels.

BY: William D. Webber

Find Out:

I have always thought that feeling in your gut about making decisions was your guardian angel warning you. It is such an intense feeling; it is indescribable. I tell people about this, and they say it is intuition, premonition, but when I obey that feeling, I come out safe and protected. Can you confirm if I am right? Also, I was told we all have our own guardian angel. How do we know which one is ours?
- Cleapatra

That feeling in a person’s gut may be your guardian angel warning you, but be careful. It may not be. The response you have received from the people you have shared this with is an indication that not everyone has such an intense, indescribable gut feeling. Indeed, most people do not, but that does not mean they do not receive God’s guidance.

Our feelings, even gut feelings, must not be blindly followed, Like every other idea we have, they must be questioned. Here are the questions to ask:

1. Would God approve?
2. Is this in keeping with the teachings of the Bible?
3. Would this be good for all concerned?

Many would talk about being aware of “a still small voice,” or a heightened awareness of God’s direction. God may choose to give some guidance through an angel or the Holy Spirit by using an intense, indescribable gut feeling, but be aware that the feeling can also come from your own wishes or desires. It can be an expression of coveting. It may be a result of your childhood training. It may be a result of peer group conditioning. This can be good, bad or neutral.

I am only 14-years-old, and I have never given thought to an individual angel who protects me. Just the other day, I took a huge interest in guardian angels.  I started researching them and I even considered that I may have one. When I read that meditation was a good way to communicate with them (I have meditated before, just to feel better), I tried that. At first I felt weird, but then an extremely overwhelming presence took over me. I knew it was terribly cold outside with the door open, but I felt warm, as if I had a blanket around my shoulders.

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