Guardian Angels, Part 1

In part one of two articles on guardian angels, our angel expert answers questions on guardian angel protection and meditating to meet angels.


10/19/2009 04:36:04 PM

Dear Tianni, I have heard the purring bells sound before too! I was in a very dangerous situation and was praying for help and I heard the beautiful sound and knew everything was going to be alright ---I could of been killed but my prayers were answered ,pretty much immediately and I'm still here to tell about it. God Bless you, RL


09/19/2009 02:21:18 AM

This is for Tianni, I think that story was so wonderful!! I think you should read Doreen Virtue's books, you will really love them!! Of course, your guardian angel wants your attention, they are here to help us in all ways and they love unconditionally! Angels love to communicate with us and help us and they also take care of us as well! You should definitely read Doreen Virtue's books, I think they would help you a lot, especially to get to know your angels better! Best wishes, Luiza