Was I Born an Angel?

While one woman wonders if she was an angel born as a human, others question the appearance of angels in their dreams and whether "bad" angels can be destroyed by a special weapon.


03/11/2011 01:12:16 PM

I was intrigued about the question "can an angel be born a human?". There are angels who have been incarnated as humans because it allows them to perform certain work in the human form that cannot be performed otherwise. They aren't necessarily aware they are incarnated angels. Some figure out or are told they are but others can go their whole lives without realizing it. When given a spiritual calling in a lifetime, it doesn't mean that the person will ultimately end up following their calling. In those cases, I would highly doubt they ever learn of their true identity. I channeled a book that will be available soon, "Wisdom of the Guardian: Treasures From Archangel Michael to Change Your Life" that has a mention of the above as well.


03/10/2011 06:07:22 PM

I haven't dreamt of angels, but 7 years ago I had colon cancer & the morning after my surgery, while I was waiting to see if the doctors had removed it all, as I was waking up, I glanced down to the foot of my bed & there was an angel standing there. I think it was a male, but I can't be sure. All I do know is this angel was very beautiful, the hair was shoulder length & their robe was long & glowing white with a bright light surrounding their head. Nothing was said but this angel raised their hand & waved good bye to me, then I had the most peaceful sensation wash over me & at that moment, I knew everyting was going to be all right. My angel dissapeared when one of the nurses entered my room to take my vitals. She asked me if everthing was alright because my pulse rate was up. After she left my doctor came & told me that they had removed all the cancer & the rest of the colon was healthy. That was 7 years ago this month, & thank THE GOOD LORD I am still healthy. Everyone I have told about this try to tell me it was just a dream, but I KNOW it wasn't. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?


03/10/2011 10:41:28 AM

Good Morning, I just finished a book by Julia Ingram and G.W. Hardin, "The Messengers", that is very descriptive on who, what, where and the how of an Angel's presence in our lives,,, Very good information and fabulous reading, with references to Saul in his days and the presence of today's Angels, and an Angelic presence.. I loved it and the way the author represents herself and the accounting of a man's "today" experience. The 444 club is truly one not to be missed or taken for granted. Lauren


08/19/2009 10:09:29 AM

Since angels are spirits, what is the difference between angels and spirit guides? I was told that spirit guides were once people who lived to perfect their spirit in order to become guides for other human embodied spirits. Is this true? Can spirit guides ever take on human form again,once they have become guides?


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