A Pitiful Brightness

Does death bring us darkness? Or does this world, with its dim shadows and bleak moments, bring darkness? What brings us to real light?


12/18/2010 03:01:17 PM

Lovely, Ptolemy!


07/08/2010 06:08:07 PM

Is anyone familiar with or currently know Andre D'Angelo, widower of Dorrie D' Angelo in Carmel By The Sea, CA, fathering "The First Church of The Angels in Carmel, CA. If you are, please send to me his current contact information. As well, if anyone knows or is familiar with Lyn Demare', also residing in Carmel by the sea, CA and who is a personal friend of Andre D'Angelo, I would very much appreciate being made aware of her email address or some way to contact her, and the same for Andre'. It is my greatest wish that Andre' be alive and very healthy! Dorrie D'Angelo created the path leading to the First Church of the Angels, through the publishing and grand popularity of her book "Living with Angels." Lyn Demare' is responsible for sparking my spriritual growth and for putting me in touch with the D'Angelos and very familiar with Dorrie's book on Angels and how to become familiar with and to communicate with one's Guardian Angel. My Angel's name is Michael, and no, not the Arc Angel. :) Please, forward email contact info for Lyn and/or Andre to divinelyn@juno.com....thank you so very much! Lyn R.