Dreaming of Angels Dressed in White

After angels appear in our dreams, will changes immediately appear in our lives? Also, how are angels different from God and do angels speak their own language?

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For your health, eat correctly, exercise, get enough sleep, and follow the advice of a good doctor, and always pray for God to help with your healing. For your finances, ask God’s help to make a budget andfollow it. Limit your spending, and add to your income. You may need a counselor to help consolidate your debts and negotiate a payment plan you can handle.

I believe God’s angels appeared in a dream to assure you that God knows and cares about your problems, and he wants to help you meet your needs.

How do angels differ from God?
- James9

Angels are a wonderful supernatural creation of God, but it is important that we do not confuse their traits and abilities with God’s abilities. Here are a few of the differences between God and his angels:




The creatorGod's creation
Exists independent of anythingDepend upon God for their very existence
Omnipresent Can only be in one place at one time
OmnipotentMore powerful than humans,
but limited in what they can do
Omniscient Have more knowledge than humans,
but do not know everything

What language do angels speak?


In the Bible, it seems that angels can speak any human language fluently. Here are some examples where angels spoke in the language that people understood:


• Egyptian spoken to Hagar (Genesis 16)

• Hebrew spoken to Gideon (Judges 6)

• Aramaic spoken to the Virgin Mary (Luke 1)

• Greek spoken to Cornelius (Acts 10)

Angels can also communicate with or without words. An example of this is the story told above where an angel brought a clear message, without speaking a word, to Hope and Harry. 1 Corinthians 13:1 may also refer to the fact that angels have a language they speak among themselves.

Revelations 20:3 tells of a rider on a white horse. Is this a symbol for Christ or for another angel?
- Mcs2011

The rider on a white horse is not found in Revelation 20:3. The rider is found in Revelation 19:11-16. The context here refers to Christ returning as a Warrior-Messiah-King.

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