Angel Sightings

Do you see angels? Beliefnet readers share their angel pictures and the memories behind them. This photo gallery highlights amazing angel photos and stories.


11/23/2010 08:02:20 PM

A couple of years ago while driving with a carload of people, there were some high dark clouds in the sky. Very quickly, the clouds began to change with piercing holes appearing with light coming down in various agles through the dense clouds. In those agled beams coming down, and they were very narrow, there were what appeared to be figures floating down about what looked like the size of ants, but at that distance they could have been huge. ALL in the car saw them, and they continued till they reached the ground in all directions, then the beams just as quietly closed and went away. In ALL directions, within about 3 miles, was extremely bad Oklahoma weather. There was not even a drop of rain where we were. We arrived at our destination without further event, but the news reports told of weather ravaging the countryside round-about in the same time period. I feel God's hand was on our journey that day.


09/28/2009 09:13:31 AM

I lost my Mom 15 years ago. I was scheduled to have my second son by c-section on the morning she died. We knew that it would not be long because she had cancer and she was near the end. However, I thought I had time to get her grandchild here at least for awhile before she passed on. On the morning she passed I was dreaming of death over and over. My husband had lost his Granmother two weeks earlier and I and lost a first cousin. Knowing that I was losing my Mother too was a little more than my mind and heart could take. I lastly had a "vision of two Angels in beautiful white around with my Mom in the middle of them in her favorite bright pink pj's going up toward Heaven. I awoke with a sudden fear and looked at the clock. It was 6:20a.m. Later at the hospital while they were preparing to get me ready for my c-section. my husband comes back in the room after leaving for awhile and with a loving way tells me that my mom had died. I later found out that she passed at 6:20 am and she had on her pink pj's. Yes I believe in Angles! Cindy


07/12/2009 01:34:42 PM

Thank You So very much this email came at the exact time I needed it . I have been going through alot regarding the death of my boyfriend and father ect. I have been recieveing alot of messages and this was truely the icing on the cake for me. I got this email just two days after going to a medium and this was truely a huge confirmations in regards to the pictures and also the paragraph that was posted about signs. These signs are very repoticious and almost impossible for me to miss. Again Thank You Rebecca


07/12/2009 01:33:17 PM

I have had many angels visit me and protect me throu my life . Ive also seen a few demons too . pretty scary . But im not afraid of them the angels that suround me give me strenth and no fear . im a see er im sensative to a diferent plain or somthing . i dont know how it works it just does , My girl friend cooked for me . we both got e coli . she started to get sick first . I dint know what was wrong . she turned pale and was complaining so i ended up taking here to the hospital .they asked me if i was ok . and i was fine . they wouldnt let me see her an told me just to go home . so i did . I looked around an left i went to my parent house in the suberberbs about 45 min a way . the were vacationing in fla .their wasent any one their . not even my dogs . i begain getting sick an it hit me hard an fast . i kept throuwing up an getting weeker fast . i had no insurance so i figuired ide tough it out . at this point i still didnt know why we were sick . being a medic in the army i figuired i would survive i began crawling to the bathroom . after that i got a garbage can two courts of gatorade a pack of multivitamines an some asprin every time i throu up i would down all of those i just mentioned . I got to the point i thought i was going to die . I couldnt move any longer . Then their she was .. My angel she was beautiful white dress and she glowed a bright blue ish color she was stunning . she came to me ran her finger throu my hair an told me every thing was going to be ok . she explained my life told me my future an what was about to happen . she stayed with me all night when the sun rose she kissed me good by and said shed always bee wiith me but i woulnt see her again until i was going to die . she left me i passed out woke up an felt fine . i got back in my car drove down town to the hospital an checked on my girlfriend she was admitted they told me she had e coli and i couldnt see her . i didnt see here for a week and when i did she was still sick for about another three weeks .. I know got a tatoo of a charib on my shoulder an it remindes me she is always their watching over me protecting me keeping me safe . I dont know what im supposed to do in life yet but i know its somthing big my angel said the world will know me . to this very day the devil is trying to trick me an hert me . But im stonger than anydemon i always win because i am a soilder of god !!!


07/10/2009 07:13:42 AM

all children under the age of 10 down to age 2 have seen angels of all sizes from very large to tiny little imps surrounding my property. i know that God has put a hedge of protection around me and mine. Praise be to God for his love and awesome protection.


06/26/2009 12:35:40 PM

I don't believe all clouds are angelic besides photo 14 Smoky Trail that is rather extraordinary. If you can find a smokey quartz crystal and place it on a sacred place it will bring angelic clouds. There are good, bad, and ugly clouds even sometimes with giant rat faces that point the way to safer passage.


06/18/2009 11:01:41 AM

Loved Nr.2 - the cloud angel, so beautiful!


06/17/2009 05:01:50 PM

I know for sure that Angels are here. They are communicating through me using Angelic sign language. It is awsome !!



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