The Angels of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Did the famous civil rights activist ever encounter angels in his life?

Lamb of the SHEPARD

01/19/2009 12:03:06 PM

I wish MLK TRUE DREAMS AND WANTS were really followed. So many people take what this great man died for and turn it around to there own use. It is not what he died for, that some people but what they want to use it for there self, some people do not care about the reality of HIS DREAM. The only thing they want is how to use MLK AND HIS DREAM to make and put money into there pocket. I have respect for Dr., Martin Luther King Jr. for what he did and what he stood for. Again the low life's of our hreat nation have robbed us the people of this country of the REALITY OF HIS DREAM OF WHAT THE TRUE MEANING OF IT IS, AND OF WHAT HE STOOD FOR AND DIED FOR. It wasn't black and white it was for all men and women of this contry. I thank GOD for people like MLK.


01/18/2009 06:45:31 PM

I knew Dr. Martin Luther King, was a Baptist Minister. When, I was in Washington,D.C. ,in 1984,I when to the church where his funeral service was given. I think that he was in the presence of a Divine Spirit of GOD. It could of been an angel or a cheribum from GOD or JESUS CHRIST himself.


01/18/2009 05:22:55 PM

God blessed M.L. King .