How to Contact Your Guardian Angel

Three years ago I discovered that I could contact my guardian angel through meditation by putting myself into an altered state.


05/30/2013 02:52:18 PM

Lizza85, To preface this, I have studied demonology for some time. So I do have an idea of what I'm talking about. Seesfar and SharpenedSword are correct to a certain degree: Christ is the Ultimate and Perfect Intercessor for us before God. Yet, there are beings who can act as intercessors for us before Christ: the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Michael being the two most powerful. We are not praying to these intercessors to use their own power to help us, but their God given power. As Christ said, without Me you can do nothing (a sentiment echoed in Scripture by the Archangel Michael when he said to Satan "The LORD rebuke you!", not "I rebuke you"). No they aren't needed for salvation, as Scripture says, Christ alone is sufficient there. They can be a powerful ace in the hole, however as they know God's Will better then we do as Earthbound bodies and can guide us accordingly. That all being said, remember to ALWAYS TEST THE SPIRITS. The Devil and his angels can and have taken the form of angels or seemingly helpful spirit guides throughout history. This is done to win your trust that you will under false pretenses open a door through your exercise of your free will to diabolic involvement in your life. It does not matter whether the pretenses the spirit uses for entry are true or false. Not all celestial beings are illusions wrought by the Devil, but it is ALWAYS a good rule of thumb to test the spirits, typically through saying the Our Father with great faith and fervor, accentuating the "deliver us from evil" at the end and observing any reaction or a genuine faith filled renewal of baptismal promises: "I reject Satan and all his works", etc. A great example of a man who talked to "angels" and was subsequently led down an evil path because he did not test the spirits is John Dee, Queen Elizabeth's magician. Look up his story to learn how not to do this. That being said, do not be overtly zealous in attempting communication with your Guardian. That alone can open a door to diabolic involvement and always be careful to test the spirits before any interaction with them.


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08/05/2011 08:08:45 PM

Be careful, be very, very careful...God, and God alone in His three entities, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit will tell one the TRUTH, others will mislead, on purpose. Satan is a very crafty fellow, he wants as many souls as he can get. Do not be fooled. First accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, invite Him into your heart, then pray and ask anything you like in His Holy Name, it will be given to you. Be careful what you pray for, especially patience. Patience only comes through very tough trials, very tough. I do believe that the message about the name of angels could be truthful, however, there are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel, all easily pronounced by human vocal cords, do not be led astray. My God is an awesome God. Since becoming a Christian, I was a practicing Tibetan Buddhist, 19 years ago, I have been on a fantastic journey. Pray, study a Bible, there are new translations in everyday common language, easy to understand, join a Bible Study group. Look to God/Jesus/Holy Spirit for answers, they will come to you. I know, God shows me everyday how awesome He is. I'm a believer, become a believer in the Word of God, there is no substitute. Do not be left behind talking to "angels." I have had angels assist me, but I also am assured that God sent them to me when I needed them, really needed them. Go with God.


08/03/2011 12:50:52 AM

ALL TRUTH can be supported by scripture. We are commanded by God to use the Bible to allow the Holy Spirit to discern for us between actual truth and words spoken or written, which are based solely on human opinions and beliefs. Opinions and beliefs formed by the minds of mankind that include no revelation and understanding of God's truth are absolutely meaningless. Not only are they meaningless, but they are extremely dangerous when spoken to people who are seeking truth, yet are lacking in knowledge received from the Holy Spirit. IF you have scripture to back up your claims, you need to provide it. However, based on the great amount of revelation I have received that CAN be supported by scripture, you are speaking false truth and no one should believe anything you say. I beg all of you, as God is my beloved Father, to turn to HIm in prayer for answers to your questions. Jesus Christ is the supreme source of God's word and provides it to us through the Holy Spirit. Only He and God know all truth and are the only entities that understand every scripture written and every word ever spoken by God (all truth). People, such as this person, actually prevent souls from reaching eternal rest with God by spouting this kind of unsupported poison filled opinion. Seek truth from God, and ye shall find it.


06/02/2011 12:16:30 PM

Alert! I believe you are in contact with Satan's angels! Angels of darkness Masquerade as angels of light Sometimes they tell the truth Sometimes they tell lies They always want to lead you astray They want to control you They want you to work for them They'll lead you and others away from God Be wary of angels telling you what to do Seek God


04/15/2011 01:19:41 PM

in order to contact your angel do you meditate in the dark or wat? how do you he is there with you?


12/26/2010 10:06:22 AM

When I learned automatic writing, I started to incorporate questions in my meditations and received the responses in writing. Over time I started receiving messages from angels and eventually Michael, the Archangel gave me his book, Wisdom of the Guardian coming out 2011. It's a useful tool to be able to connect to angels because their wisdom and perspective is more far reaching than ours. Their insights are often quite grounded and practical as well. They give me messages regularly I also share at I believe everyone can learn to do what I do and receive personal advice when needed. I highly recommend taking the time to learn how to connect with your angels.


09/05/2010 09:21:51 AM

hya. im readin a book about angels by Dianna Copper but i just cant figure out exactly how to communicate withe angels. i medditate in a sleeping position but am i supposed to communicate by spoken words or just thought ?


03/03/2010 09:05:20 PM

Ok, amm... i tried the meditation but did i do it right? I had a feeling that someone was there with me but i thought that i was answering my own quastions and it felt like the responses came too fast is that normal? I tried this for the first time so i dont know exectly what its like. Its felt realy cool even when i was doyting that i was speaking to someone but i think i did get his name. My angel's answer when i asked him was DENIEL! that is the same answer that he gave me the night before when i did another experement! So i gess i did talk to him!


02/07/2010 09:45:07 PM

In July of 2009, I was hospitalized with a serious illness for eight days and was having a very difficult time sleeping in bed. During the day I sat up in a soft chair all day till about 10:00-11:00 pm at night at which time the nurses helped me into bed for the night. I was on oxygen, 2 different IV lines, plus a cath. line for a total of 4 lines dangling from my body. This particular night I was very tired and there were 3 male nurses on duty, no females. I was very frustrated and struggled to the side of my bed to try and get it but kept stepping on the for lines. I began to pray and cry because of my situation. Suddenly, standing besides me, what I thought was a nurse, was an elderly lady with golden hair. She asked if she could help me and I explained my delima. "That's why I am here to help you", she said and started to bend down to pick up my tubings.. I stopped her because I felt she was too old to be doing that but she assured me she did this kind of thing all the time. So, I allowed her to do so and let her help me into bed and cover me up. She asked if there was anything else she could do for me and I thanked her and told her I was fine. I asked her name and she tol;d me it was Miss Johnson. She then turned and glided out of the room, about 2-3 inches above the floor. About an half hour later Richard and Josh came in to help me into bed and were surprised to find me already in bed. They asked who helped me into bed and I told them, Miss Johnson. They looked at one another and said, "we don't have a Miss Johnson working here". I pray and talk to her every night.


08/21/2009 04:28:09 AM

Dear Turner_chris 1 It is possible that we come into this life with different Karma and lessons to learn. Although someone may seem to suffer unfairly and others not...does not mean that there is no justice in the way of things. In wich case...It would increase our personal awareness of our actions and our reactions. I have seen an Angel, been with a Angel- There is no Denying or questioning when someone has a divine experience. There is profound acceptance and personal Revalation. Not to mention the Energy is so Intense and the physical effects are residual and in my case lasted for weeks. I could have never imagined Love so Overwhelming or Energy that seemed to vibrate in its strength...I walked on a cushion of Air for almost a month, and I read and re read the Bible... Truely there was no way to mistake, something Exceptional had happened to me...I GLOWED and Gushed until everyone I knew was probably sick of me and my Bible


05/31/2009 06:45:43 PM

I TRULY believe in Guardian Angels!! There has been many incidents in my lifetime where situations turned out in my unforeseen favor. But there are two moments in my life where I came face to face with death and somehow walked away from it. Once was when I was just out of High School and I was home alone eating chicken for dinner. The chicken somehow got lodged in my throat blocking any air coming in or out. I knew I had just seconds to spare and if I panic I would die. The only thing that came to mind was to stick my finger down my throat to try and make myself throw up, which is the wrong thing to do since you could lodge it even more. But I did it anyway and I threw up that piece of chicken. WHEW! Second incident happened a few years later when I became an electrician, to make the story short, I got careless and got STUCK onto a live 12 gauge wire. Again I had just seconds to react and all I did was use my body weight to free myself from the wire. There is actually another incident but I've written enough to prove my point. Now I'd have to say someone dear to me was watching over me on those particular days!

04/01/2009 01:21:51 AM

I started beliveing in holys when my son 3yrsold went into a coma my pastor and friend lyed hands on him I could feel holy angels all around us 30 minutes later he sat up in bed and told he want a sandwich. The first time i really seen a angel was in 1999 I had a bab,bad car accident I seen my guardian angel sitting on the dash telling me to let and close my eyes everything will alright, my daughter was 4 sitting in the next to me, I pulled her out with the engine was in my sit both seat belts were still fastened and i with angels help pulled daughter i pray everynight that holy angels sleep with my family and keep my20 safe in IRAQ


03/03/2009 09:56:38 PM

Yes we all have Angels as it it written in the Bible! If those of you that choose to judge, and critisize, and judge then you must not really believe in the word! Pick your Bibles up and get to reading, and you to will find the answers,and become to be a believer as many of us around the world have! Because i know for a fact that there are Angels and mine has saved me many times and is there at all times!


03/01/2009 02:18:56 PM

seriously, does anyone actualloy really believe this rubbish? So we all have a guardi/an angel do we?. So the children of that nutcase in Austria who kept them and his daughter locked in a cellar for 10 years - had a guardian angel? the children in San Paulo in Brazil selling their bodies to passing motorists so they can buy petrol to sniff, who get shot by the police or vigelantes - have a guardian angel? so how come you get a guardian angel that does a relatively good job of looking afer you - and they get a such a rubbish one?


02/13/2009 09:48:00 AM

Hi, Joe, I have read this verse many times and never looked at it that way. But you are right, it certainly does seem to indicate that each one of God's children has an angel just awaiting a command from Him. It is a comforting thought! Thanks so much for your insight. I am sure there are other verses that I overlooked that would have a similar meaning. Angels have been on my mind the past couple of weeks, and I am not sure why. It is something I need to pray on, indeed. God bless you! Kathy Kathy


02/11/2009 08:23:21 AM

To help answer Kathy's question one can refer to Matthew 18:10 which states “See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.” When looking at the passage "these little ones" could apply to children or those who believe in him. Here the angels are dipicted as alwasy watching the face of God. Rather guarding they are here to waiting to serve and do God's will. This would make sense as God alone is omniscient and only he knows when someone needs an angel:) Have a blessed day! -Joe


02/06/2009 12:51:03 PM

nnn123, Right On!!!


02/04/2009 03:23:27 AM

Wow something so amazing just happened... As I am reading this article I realized that my guardian angel has always hinted things out to me. For example as a teenager I would always wake up just a few seconds before a quake, and as I woke up I knew it was comming. As for my amazing moment like I started to say, I was reading this article when the song of the movie Titanic started to play... Mind you I'm home alone with 2 dogs a cat and a bird and every appliance is turned off but a small lamp on the night stand and this laptop. The only part of the song that I heard was'' Every night in my dreams... I see you I feel you'' ... Then it just faded away. I'm not making this up... I for one believe in angels.


02/03/2009 11:55:32 AM

I have a question for you all. I am not asking this to start any arguments, I sincerely want to know the answer. How do you know that we have guardian angels? I do know there are angels who do God's bidding and sometimes they intervene in our lives, but how do we know that each of us has a guardian angel assigned to us? The Bible doesn't mention guardian angels, that I know of. Thanks for your help. God bless! Kathy

Fall Morning

02/02/2009 12:48:29 PM

I have had some pretty surprising angelic experiences concerning protection, syncronisity, and messages about important things going on in my life since the 1990's, and possibly further back. There is no doubt angelic beings operate all around us, helping us, and in often-missed ways, letting us know they are here. We must be alert to them. Some experiences are are obvious, others are more subtle. Remember the ancient saying, "Days pass and years vanish and we walk sightless among miracles. . . "


01/31/2009 07:17:01 PM

I certainly believe in angels and know that they surround me, and have been their in times of need. I am constantly asking God to disperse angels to help in situations. I believe though that my focus should be on seeking God and communication directly with Him, as He can give my direct guidance and answers since He is All Knowing. I do not believe that our loved ones become angels when they pass on, so to ask an angel if John Lennon is one of Paul McCartney's angels is certainly a waste of energy. Anyway, to each his/her own. I do encourage people to seek spiritual gifts, since we are first and foremost spirit beings and we should be able to see into the spiritual as well as the natural.


01/31/2009 03:14:53 PM

Angels are alive!!! When my grandma pass away on 2002, i was very sad.....a few days before her passing i saw two tall men ( one was blond the other one had black,they both had long hair and they were wearing a white log dress.I didn't see any wings.Four days after my grandma passing i saw my grandma with the blonde angel looking at me! in a second I made eye contact with my grandma and I saw that she was surprise that i could see her and she was trying to hide from me behind the bush...I felt that she didin't want to scare me......Her angel didin't move but i was not able to see his face....i was not scare and now i belive in angels because i had seen them


01/29/2009 05:16:21 AM

Angels are alive and active in heavenly places and they do a lot of good things for us. Because God himself is a God of Lights we cannot search for his angels in the darkest of places of the earth otherwise we end up with angels of darkness. To get in touch with heavenly angels you have to meditate on the Word of God. An Angel visited Mary, mother of Jesus, not because Mary had looked into the darkest places of the earth and breathed in unknown lights several times. Jesus said, "I am the way the truth and the life." The Bible says "My people perish because of lack of knowledge." Read your Bible or listen to your Audio Bible and meditate on it and this will make your way prosperous. jane


01/28/2009 11:34:32 AM

I Too believe in the supernatural, I do not know if I am alone in the way I see and belief in things.. I have been able to see images at different times in my house. I have asked God at times what these images are and as far as I know he has not answered me in a way I understand.. One time there was this lovely young woman standing in front of me as I came out of my bed room.. I believe she might of been one of my angels.

01/28/2009 11:18:07 AM

I believe my dog is my guardian angel I think the lord sent him to look after me he's been a shining light in my life im 42 and i never had a dog before but i know there is something special about him he can say so much for not being able to talk at all and he is so caring and loving if you met him you would understand, I believe the lord gives us what we need to survive even though it doesnt seem like it sometimes .thank you lord for your understanding and your forgiveness ,Jeff


01/28/2009 07:34:23 AM

I too believe in Angels, I think there are around, I think of them as my friend but when I pray I talk to God. because God says in the Bible that he is a jealous GOD and no one should worship any one but him. some teenager ask her friend how close is God when you need him, she answered!!! HE IS JUST A EYELASH AWAY. don't you think that that answer is just amazing coming from a teenager?


01/28/2009 12:51:02 AM

Angels are created by God to use as messengers, helpers, and to watch over us. But I would not want to mediate to try to get in touch with any angels. Mediating and putting oneself in to an altered state is asking for or inviting demon spirits to get a hold on us.. The only one I am interested in getting in touch with is Jesus. He is the one who went to the cross in my place. The bible says He is the way, the truth and the life. I only care to have a relationship with Christ.. He is coming back soon so I am watching a waiting for His return.. God/Jesus is the only one who can help us in our time of need.. We only need to pray.. blessings


01/20/2009 11:31:55 AM

Well, i think the first for child of God is to seek God and every other thing will follow.Angel are our messengers and assinged to us.They are part of the addition, if we seek God first.Please let us not idolize angels by seeking them.GOD comes first.


01/17/2009 02:17:48 PM

I am desperately seeking my Angels and need help and Prayer from others to do so. Guardian Angels are very important to me. I know they are there but, I want to feel a real communication with them.


01/17/2009 03:30:25 AM

part of my walk with God. I seek him daily and always.


01/17/2009 03:28:49 AM

I do believe in angels and they are an important factor in our daily living. They are assigned to each one of us. They are there when ever we need them to protect us, even when we sleep. They are a wittness to, the power of God and shows us, that we are never alone; and another blessing from God. Now with that said, I will say that the most important thing or one to me is my personal relationship with Jesus. Jesus died on the cross for me and through his death I am able to go boldley before the thrown of God and ask him anything and to tell him I Love Him and believe in his son Jesus. I am saying that my relationship of one on one with God is the most IMPORTANT daily


01/16/2009 10:30:08 PM

I agree with nnn123, The Bible says to seek the face of God. not angels. If we get caught up in searching for the angels, we will surely forget about the one who is the most important of all and that is God. Thou shall have no other gods before me.....


01/16/2009 07:42:51 PM

I get inspired every time I even hear the word "angel." I think that practicing the standard disciplines of a spiritual path leads us to all the experiences that God wants from us, whether they are interactions with some of the lesser beings like guardians angels or with the great saints or God Himself. My understanding of the standard duty to the spiritual path is to seek God and God alone. If that experience leads to experiences with angels, that is fine, but I do not believe that it is standard within the practice of Judeo-Christian religions...whether on a more traditional path or on a monastic/mystical path to specifically engage in spiritual disciplines in order to contact an angel. If one's prayers and meditations are deep and profound and God needs us to have this gift, He can grant us that gift through the standard practices. We do not need a special extra discipline. There are some standard prayers to angels within the standard practice and that is all fine. But if we get caught up in trying to contact angels, rather than seeking God directly, we just tend to take up time that needs to be spent in direct pursuit of our ultimate goal - God. It is not such an easy thing to contact an angel and unless one is nearly a saint, it is hard to distinguish between a spirit (good or bad) and an angel. The time that would be necessary to spend to develop this kind of ability is much better spent seeking God directly. There are plenty of prayers to pray, works of charity to do, devotions to morality, meditations and all manner of important spiritual disciplines, that it is best not to get sidetracked into a minor practice. Not that angels aren't wonderful and fun, it is just that we really have much more important spiritual work that must take priority.



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