Get to Know the 12 Archangels

You are cordially invited to take a peek into the lives and personalities of each of the archangels. This project has really helped me get to know the angels and their lovable personalities better.


07/02/2012 02:39:08 PM

Who is the author of this trash and where does he get the idea that he knows the names of "angles" . Biblical references please.


12/23/2010 03:54:29 PM

may everyone have a joyous,safe holiday.


02/14/2010 11:43:24 PM

About a week ago I heard someone calling this name, I was outside on my porch, praying at night time and staring at the stars. Now I have comfort in finding that the name has a reason for me hearing it. Love light and Peace to all.


06/27/2009 12:05:36 AM

You can listen to a free audio meditation from the angels at :)


04/20/2009 06:49:16 PM

i only read about 6 Arc Angels, I thought 12 Also,If your last initial Dorrie is D.,! then you probably know me. I only know one Dorrie


04/17/2009 09:49:06 AM

I know I have many angels around me or I'd already have been taken, possibly the wrong way. Praise God that he has restored me to love Him and all His workers. I have a new found hunger for all. I just wish I could say for sure I know when and at what times I have had or will have an encounter with my beloves. I guess I still haven't been able to tap into that realm yet, but I'm definitely not going to stop trying. I have come soo far and can't wait to go farther. And I do go through spiritual war daily with the devil. I never was a bad or evil person, I just harmed myself and am thankful that He has taken that all away. And the devil is angry and I know it. I hope that everyone can have a love for the Lord as I have found that I do. I feel like I have become a Jesus Freak and proud of it. I'm not saying everyone needs to belive like I do, I just wish the best for all. All things are possible through Christ Jesus. Amen

A Dorrie

02/20/2009 11:35:27 AM

Iengle reading about the Archangels but I thought there was only 12.