An Archangel in Australia

When I needed help from a chiropractor while on vacation, I met one with a surprising name.


10/03/2009 05:25:02 PM

In 2007 ,4 of us Aussie "girls" were travelling through the Uk ,not really having any idea where we had to go to get to Ireland from England.On the train across Wales ,a beautifully dressed,conservative Englishman befriended us and spent the whole day with us on the train,ferry etc and even walked us to our Backpacker Hostel in Dublin.He told us his name was Michael.As we turned to thank him,in the busy streets of Dublin,he had just vanished ..A true "Travelling-Companion" Angel.


12/11/2008 07:43:29 PM

I remeber helping a man one time. He was standing in Wendy's restarunt, and asking evryone if they could spare a few dollars to get him something to eat. No one acted like they noticed him, when it touched my heart that if this was someone that I knew, I would gladly provide them with a meal, and a few dollars. So, against the fact that he had not bothered to ask me, when I got in line, I asked the man to order something, and he did. I payed for it and told them to let him have it, that I had to run, I had someone waiting on me. I quickly introduced myself to him, and told him that I was a christian, and gave him $2 extra dollars. He acted happy and grateful, and as I left to meet my ride at my house, i thanked God for putting him in my life.

Pontius Pilate

12/04/2008 09:23:34 PM

This is an interesting story.