8 Ways to Recognize Archangel Michael

As the overseer of the angels, Michael is Earth’s representative of the all-encompassing strength of the Divine. Michael is the embodiment of compassion, as he assists everyone with whatever is needed.


03/08/2013 11:55:07 PM

My name is Brandon A. B. I'm 18. I have seen and felt and or heard him more then once. He has told me to let some things go when i was angry. I also believe that he has given me an exersism. i will not go into detail about that but it was real. sometimes when i pray to him my vision changes and i feel good. i try to tell everyone I can, espeacialy when i see things about them.


03/08/2013 11:45:50 PM

My name is brandon. i have


06/30/2011 02:25:24 AM

omggg... last summer i was being really bad and would go out all night and sleep during the day. Theres times ive go out without sleeping at all.. and it finally caught up with me.. my vision went blurry and i couldnt breathe and thought i was having a stroke or heart attack because my limbs were numb and i couldnt feel my body and was in an out of the body kinda feeling. i went to the hospital thinking i was gonna die tonight and kept praying and praying that ill be okay and that i dont want to die yet.. i was in and out of consciousness and this was the scariest thing thats ever happen to me.. and all of a sudden i had a vision of a surgeon with a surgical mask on dressed in blue with gloves and everything say " dont worry everythings going to be okay" and he closed the blind and i felt a gust of wind blow really hard from behind my neck.. i was thinking.. omg theres people behind me? so i turned around and saw a wall.. there were no air vents no windows just a flat wall.. so i thought i was just seeing things.. etc.. but it felt so real and i felt it.. anyway my urine and blood test came back normal they took a xray of my heart and found nothing wrong with it. it turned out to be a panic attack.. a really bad one.. anyway as i was reading this.. it just brought me to tears cos i really do believe that was michael that answered me. And he sends me big feathers.. ive even seen him in the clouds this huge beauitful angel with his sword and all so ya i feel very blessed to have seen and continue to commuicate with them


06/22/2010 11:48:00 AM

Angels and divine beings... that "something" you swore you saw out of the corner of your eye, and when you looked, nothing was there... there you go!


10/08/2009 08:33:15 PM

In Dead Sea "War Scroll", which was found at Qumran, there is described the contest between the ‘Sons of Light’ and the ‘Sons of Darkness’ in military terms, we find the following passage: But as for the God of Israel, all that has been and is and shall be throughout the vicissitudes of all time are in His hand. This is the Day which He hath appointed for abasing and humbling the [Prince] of the Dominion of Wickedness. But He will send perpetual help to those who have a share in His redemption through the power of Michael, the mighty, ministering angel; and He will send also an eternal light to light up the children of Israel with joy. They that have cast their lot with God shall enjoy peace and blessing. In this way, the rule of Michael will be exalted among the angels, and the dominion of Israel among all flesh. Righteousness shall flourish in heaven, and all who espouse God’s truth shall rejoice in the knowledge of eternal things. And ye, the sons of His covenant, be of good courage in the trial which God visits upon you, until He gives the sign that He has completed His test. His secret powers will always be with you. (The Dead Sea Scriptures, Theodor H. Gaster)


09/08/2009 07:07:36 AM

I discoverd you can't approach this topic fully without looking at the Advent of Bah�'u'l�h (1817-1892). Rabbinic literature says it was Michael that spoke from the Burning Bush. Bah�'u'll�h says the same thing. Micha-EL is a figure of prophecy, the chief of the "princes of Persia". So was Bah�'u'll�h. This Angel is associated with the water of life & the tree of life, which appears in the Jew Jerusalem. Michael was to appear with the Son of Man in First Thess. 4:16. Michael is the protector of Israel, which did not re-appear until Bah�'u'll�h announcd the return of the Jews in His Writings. He states that His sword and His trumpet is His Pen, with which He reveals the Word of God, He brings the Balance of all things, and already rules on the Throne, established on Mount Carmel, for those who will ascend to it.So, why doesn't Bah�'u'll�h clearly state that He is Michael? He does state that He is the return of Christ, in the long-promised, new, Most Great Name.


02/27/2009 05:13:36 PM

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