Should I Ask Angels for a Sign?

Also, was the creature-like being I saw my guardian angel?

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This happened a long time ago... back in the early 80s. I was in my 30s, and I was married with children, but this memory stays alive in my mind, and it is still a mystery to me to this day.

I was really sick from hepatitis, and I woke to find a creature-like figure on the end of my bed. I say creature because it wasn't an angel-like figure like the angels seen on pictures (with pretty wings, white dust, etc.) This was scary looking. It had a look of a troll (it had a big nose and it was also very short). It was not pleasing to my eyes. It sat on the end of my bed nearest my feet and I could feel its weight...It was just staring out a nearby window. Once it sensed that I had awaken, it turned its head slowly and looked at me calmly. It didn't say a word...

I never did give it a chance to speak... I could feel its weight on my blanket, and it was as real and plain to see as the nose on my face. It scared me so I put my covers over my head, and I cried to God for help.

Was this my guardian angel? He didn't harm me, and I do feel he was just sitting there because he knew how sick I was. I'm a Christian lady, and I've been a Christian most of my life.
- Sheila L.

This doesn’t sound like an angel to me. God doesn’t send angels to frighten you when you are sick and feeling vulnerable. The Bible teaches that angels are unseen spirits that only take on a form that can be seen when God sends them for a specific reason. What you described served no positive purpose. It brought you no encouragement or healing. When God’s angels do appear to humans, it is also to bring glory to God. Instead, you found yourself praying to God for help rather than praising him.

Not everyone sees angels with pretty wings, and angels do appear in many forms. Click here to learn more about what angels look like.

I am curious about a recurring experience I had when I was seven-years-old. I would dream I was in the clouds playing and then something would summon me. Then, I would be sitting in front of a being that had the body of a man and the face of a lion with a sword in its mouth. The being sat on a throne and would proceed to speak with me (I don't remember the conversation). Afterwards, I would get a feeling of falling off a bridge into blackness, and then I would awake in my bed to a ghost-like apparition standing over my bed.

What's your insight about this experience?
- Scottwllmkr

My insight is that you are reporting the dreams of a seven-year old, not a revelation from God or an encounter with angels. The first part of the dream probably reflects hopes for the future while the last part of the dream reflects childhood fear of failure.

What does it mean when you only see angel wings and get a very uneasy feeling? [These feelings] can't be from God, can they?
- Marie Davenport

No, those very uneasy feelings are not from God. The Bible states: “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self discipline.” (2 Timothy 1:7)

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