Do Angels Ever Help
Good People?

If you have doubts that an angel is by your side, read how angels do help those who deserve it.

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There's a rumor that I've been hearing. Are angels jealous of the fact that we [humans] are able to be forgiven while they cannot?
- Bernadette Gee

Are the good angels jealous? No. The good angels, who wholeheartedly embrace the will of God, are delighted for us that God offers forgiveness to humans even though, for reasons unknown to us, God did not extend forgiveness to the fallen angels. The “rumor” that you have been hearing is based on 1 Peter 1:12. The Apostle Peter, after writing about how great our salvation is, wrote, “Even the angels long to look into these things.” Instead of being jealous, the good angels are merely puzzled that God’s love for us is so great.

Are the fallen angels jealous? Yes. Fallen angels are always frustrated and they are furious for any good thing that comes our way. This is especially true of our forgiveness. To say the fallen angels are jealous of us is a cosmic understatement.

Is it necessary to wear a man-made ornament, pendulum, or medallion depicting angels to get closer to them?
- Christine F.

Absolutely not! Do not believe those who tell you that you can attract angels through clothes, candles, certain colors, fragrances, flowers, movements, or dances. I color the nectar in my birdfeeder red to attract hummingbirds. A moth is attracted to a flame. But these are not to be compared to an angel. According to the Bible, angels are marvelous, magnificent beings far superior to humans in intelligence and wisdom. Their one consuming desire is to please God who created them to be ministering spirits. We misunderstand the greatness of these spirit beings if we think they can be manipulated by fragrances, flowers, colors, or religious items. In the Bible, there isn't a single time when angels appear as a result of the things listed above. If we were to summon angels in such a way, the Bible would certainly give us instructions on how to do it.

I know there are guardian angels and messenger angels, but where do people get the idea that there is an angel army?

God is called “the Lord of Hosts” or “the Lord of Sabaoth” over 200 times in the Bible. “Hosts” refers to the heavenly hosts or the angels, and the word in the original language is a military word. It literally means “army.” Similarly, “The Lord of Sabaoth” can be translated as “the Lord of Armies.” Indeed, some translations do: "This is what the LORD of Armies says..." (Zechariah 8:14, God’s Words Translation)

However, readers will not find “the Lord of Hosts” or “the Lord of Sabaoth” in the widely-used New International Translation (NIV) Bible. Does this mean that angelic armies are now missing in action? Not at all. In their effort to have a translation in clear and natural English, the NIV translators recognized that the phrases “the Lord of Hosts” and “the God of Hosts” have little meaning for most readers today. Instead, the translation became “the Lord Almighty” and “God Almighty.” Both refer to God as the commander-in-chief of heavenly armies.
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William D. Webber
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