Was the Spider a Warning?

And, if angels can appear in dreams and visions, can they also appear in more than one place?

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Find Out:My mother died in December in a nursing home after a long struggle with Alzheimer's.

The director of the nursing home told my oldest brother that one of the residents, who had deteriorated to the point of hardly speaking, had said to an aide:

"Those people gotta get out of that room. There's angels in there."

At the time the resident said this, my family had been called into the room with my mother. This was also the time my mother passed away.

I want to believe the story, but is it something that nursing homes say to the family of the deceased as comfort?



No, this is not something that nursing home staff members routinely tell grieving families who have lost loved ones. If a staff person had wanted to make up a comforting message, he or she would have said something like, “Angels were with your mother when she died.”

Were angels in the room? Angels often do appear at the time of death, bringing peace and comfort. It is possible, especially since the resident had Alzheimer’s, that the “angels” were only a result of his dementia. However, I believe that there were angels present in the room and that the resident did see them. The experience was enough to rouse him from his dementia and move him to speak.

Which angel was considered the first Angel of Mercy, and what is he/she like?
--Sandra Newbauer

There are many legends and traditions about Angels of Mercy so it's difficult to say which angel was the first. In some Jewish traditions Uzziel, Rahmiel, Gabriel, and Michael are considered Angels of Mercy. According to the Kabbalah, Zadkiel, the leader of the nine angels who make up the choir of Dominions, is known as the Angel of Mercy.

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