When in Doubt, Ask for a Sign

Ever wonder where your guardian angel is or if you even have one? Try making an unusual request!

Guardian angels work very closely with human beings. Each of us has a guardian angel and they do their very best to help us. They work hard to warn us of dangers and show us the best way forward and reflect the voice of our hearts.

Unfortunately, we don’t always listen or notice. It takes time and patience to really listen and often it then takes great courage and trust to follow what we hear, see or feel. Trust is something that we have to build between the angels and ourselves. When we first make contact with our guardian angel it is a joyous moment, but after a while, unless we make the effort to stay in contact we can begin to doubt what we feel and ourselves.

Often I meet people who say something like “I’m told that I have a guardian angel called Miriam and she watches over me all the time!” That is fine if we choose to do nothing about it, and just bask in that knowledge, but if we apply ourselves a little more, we can have a much more rewarding relationship with our guardian angel.


Guardian angels are there to help us to live our lives in a better manner and solve problems. They help to keep our lives on an even keel, and support us through troubled times. In fact, they often keep trouble away from us. When we learn to read the signs they offer, then we can avoid problem situations. I have been guided to shops that I never knew existed and shown books I needed to read. I have also been warned not to take a certain route when driving and so avoided a bad accident.

They can also reassure you when you begin to doubt yourself.  A few years ago, I began to doubt that I was doing the right thing. I wondered if I was getting above myself and if I ought to leave this kind of work to others who in my eyes were probably better qualified. So I asked for a sign to show me if I was on the right path. I asked for colored feathers, as I thought this could be possible but was not so easy as white ones. As I live in a seaside town, the place tends to be littered with white seagull feathers! When you make such a request, you tend to forget that you’ve done it as you continue with the daily round of your life. Which I did!

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Carolyn Bowyer
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