Hailing the Angel Police

Are there angels who enforce rules and laws? Or warrior angels who protect us from danger?

Find Out:Are there angel cops? I challenged a priest on this issue and the priest reluctantly admitted that not all angels are "choir boys/girls." What is your view on this? --Frankie G.

Can you picture uniformed angels patrolling streets of gold on celestial motorcycles? Or the angel police investigating reports of domestic violence in one of the heavenly homes? Certainly not. Heaven is a place where there is no crime, no sorrow, and no tears.

The Bible gives no evidence that angels are a part of any local police force. God leaves that to humans. Could there be any exceptions to this rule? Yes, it is possible. Many times God sends his angels to help on earth in special circumstances. As in the Bible, most often angels look like ordinary people. In many accounts that people have shared with me, angels appear in a form that is most helpful to a person. For example, when you're in a dangerous environment, an angel may appear as a police officer to scare off potential bad guys or to perform helpful services, such as give directions or change a flat tire. Often these "police officers" leave clues that they are angels: A sudden appearance followed by a sudden disappearance after completing a task or if inquiries are made at local police stations, no one recollects seeing or knowing the police officer.


Angels do have a connection with the law. The angels played a part in giving the law to Moses (Deuteronomy 33:2, Acts 7:38, 53) and promoting justice throughout the universe.

Are there warrior angels who guard and protect us in difficult situations? I have been in some dangerous situations in which near miracles occurred.
--Connie S.

Yes, there are warrior angels. The term "heavenly host" found throughout the Bible actually refers to God's army. From time to time scripture gives us an indication of how angels participate in heavenly warfare. Warrior angels either act alone or in groups on earthly assignments. Here's one example:

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William D. Webber
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