When Angels Appear in Your Dreams

Have I been contacted by an angel if I dreamed it? Is my guardian angel bringing a message to me while I sleep?

BY: William D. Webber


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However, the morning after my dream my husband called the Loma Linda Clinic. "My wife must see a doctor right away," he insisted.

"Can you tell me what is so urgent?" the nurse replied. So Bill told her my dream. "Just a moment, I’m going to put you on hold," she told him. A minute later she was back on the line. "The doctor will see your wife on Wednesday," she said. God had taken care of the two-year waiting list.

When I saw the doctor he said, "What’s this I hear about a dream?" I recounted my experience with the four angels dressed in black, and he wrote it at the beginning of my medical history. The doctor did a biopsy and a full battery of tests. When I returned for the results the doctor said, "You have cancer and must have surgery right away. You should be thankful for the warning the angels gave you. With the kind of cancer you have there are no symptoms until it is too late."

My surgery was on September 2, 1993. Praise God, the surgeon was able to get it all. I have been faithful in my follow-up visits and the doctor assures me I am cancer-free. I am living proof that God still uses his angels to give messages today. I am busy spreading the message that angels are not just for Christmas. Thank God for these magnificent, mysterious messengers!

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So, how can we know if a dream about an angel is a real angelic appearance?

Here are some guidelines I have developed as a result of my study of the Bible, my postgraduate work in dreams at the Yale Divinity School, and my talks with people about their experiences.

  1. The result of the dream will draw attention to God more than the angel. Angels are God’s messengers and their purpose is always to bring glory to God, not to themselves.
  2. The dreams usually leave a person with feelings of awe and wonder and that God is loving. This is true even when the angel appears to a person who is rebelling against God and is deep in sin. The angel may appear to judge and to scare a person straight. Often, when this occurs, the angel does not even give a message in words, but the experience of God’s presence is shattering and life-transforming and points to a God who cares deeply.
  3. Is this dream sensible or illogical? We need to use common sense. While a dream or a vision may come from God and be a positive life-changing event, the dream may also come from images buried in our subconscious. God does not send his angels to tell us silly or terrible things. It is always wise to share your experience with a trusted member of your faith community. Sharing with another person helps us evaluate the authenticity of what may be an angelic encounter.
  4. Does this dream contradict what is taught in the Bible? God does not contradict himself. See my past column: Good Angels, Bad Angels.
  5. Does this encounter leave you more renewed and more resolved to serve God? If is the encounter is genuine it will move you to love God more deeply and to live out your faith more consistently.
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