When Angels Appear in Your Dreams

Have I been contacted by an angel if I dreamed it? Is my guardian angel bringing a message to me while I sleep?

Several Beliefnet readers have being visited in dreams by angels. In this month's column, I will address the following questions:
  1. Do angels ever appear in dreams?
  2. Do angels still come to people in dreams?
  3. Are all dreams about angels real?
  4. What are guidelines to tell if a dream about angels is real?
Do angels ever appear in dreams? Yes, definitely. In the Bible angels sometimes appear to wide awake people, as when Gabriel appeared to Mary (Luke 1:26-38). But other times, including the four times an angel came to Joseph (Matthew 1:18-25), it's in dreams.

Do angels still come to people in dreams? Yes! Just as in Biblical times, angels come to people when they are dreaming. Perhaps God chooses this way because we are more relaxed and open to his presence when we are asleep. While most people never have such an angelic visitation, it is more common than most people think. I have talked to hundreds of people who have recounted experiences that I believe to be authentic. Many of these are in the book I wrote with my wife, "A Rustle of Angels, Stories About Angels in Real Life and Scripture."

Are all dreams about angels real? No. A dream about fairies may be delightful and compelling, but that does not mean fairies exist. There are many reasons a person may dream about angels. Some of these are simple wish fulfillment. And some people’s dreams may be a sign of psychiatric illness.

Here is an instance where a dream about angels was real. The story I'm about to share with you is my wife's personal story:

Angels came to me one night in a dream. There were four angels all dressed in black. Even their wings were black because they were in mourning. These were not the glorious, beautiful angels I wanted to see, but I asked the one closest to me, "Why are you so sad?"

"We are sad because you are dying," the angel replied. "Unless something is done, you are going to die."

Then they were gone. Instantly, I woke my husband and told him the angel’s message. "What do you think it means?" I probed.

"I think you need to see a doctor right away," he replied firmly.

I had not seen a doctor for years. My family doctor had retired and had referred me to another. This second doctor moved his practice to another state. The third doctor was a woman doctor who eventually joined the army. This particular doctor had urged me to go to the Loma Linda Women’s Clinic. The clinic told me there was a two-year waiting list and that no new patients were being taken. So I decided to find another doctor, but because I was not feeling sick, I kept putting off my search. Four years passed without a doctor’s visit.

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William D. Webber
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