'The Angels Want to Help You'

How can a skeptic learn to embrace angels? Plus, how to call on Archangel Michael for protection against negative energy.

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I drove and prayed for protection. As I pulled into the parking lot, I felt this really creepy energy, as if someone poured negative paint on me. I started praying even harder. I got out of the car, and then I heard this male voice behind me, screaming and cursing: "You better f-ing give me your car keys." I turned around and there was this angry-looking guy who was much shorter than me.

Doreen Virtue's Turning Point
I saw this glimmer of fear in him, even though he had a gun and a knife. I thought, "He's afraid," and I suddenly felt so safe. Then, I heard the angel's voice again, outside my right ear, saying: "Scream with all your might, Doreen."

And this was the breakthrough moment, because I hadn't listened to my angels in so long. I finally obeyed them—I screamed like a cave woman. And this woman who was in the parking lot heard my scream, and she leaned on her car horn to attract the people in the church to come out. Their presence scared the man and his accomplice away. I was shaking, but I got down on my knees in this greasy, oily parking lot just to thank God that my life had been spared. I thanked God and the angels for saving me.

When I went home, I started doing research on angel experiences. I asked God and the angels how I could repay them, and they told me the same thing they've been saying, which was for me to teach about mind-body-spirit. So the very next day, I "came out of the closet," so to speak. I was scheduled to give a talk in Las Vegas on eating disorders, and I chose to wear a long goddess gown and a crystal necklace; I was just myself. I started to tell my clients that I talked to angels. Even though I was afraid of what might happen, I decided to make a commitment to follow my divine guidance.

How can a complete beginner learn to contact angels?

The way to contact angels is to, first of all, feel comfortable with it. Say a prayer to whomever you are aligned with spiritually. If you're more of a traditional Christian, ask God and Jesus how they feel about it. You'll definitely get a confirmation that it's safe, but I think you should go with what your faith is and not defy it, because if you do, you'll feel afraid, which will cause a block in connecting with angels. The angels want to help you with everything that brings you peace, and they can only help you if you ask.

How can people let go of their cynicism?

To me, a skeptic is someone who is afraid of being disappointed. What they need to do is experiment, and ask for something simple like a taxicab at 5 o'clock on a Friday or a parking place in a crowded mall on a Saturday afternoon.

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Interview by Sherry Huang
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