Reach Out to Your Guardian Angel

Practical ways to acknowledge your protectors.

“Do not despair, saying, ‘My life is gone, and the Friend has not come.’ He comes…and out of season. He comes not only at dawn.”
- Rumi (1207-73)

Each of us has a guardian angel who embodies all the angelic qualities. But, most of all, our guardian angels take special care to watch over us, their individual charges, and are available to us as a source of personal inspiration. Some people sense their own angel’s presence very clearly, which often happens unexpectedly—perhaps at the borderland between sleeping and waking, or while writing a letter, or walking to the local stores, or commuting to work. For no obvious reason, the appropriate part of the mind becomes attuned to this constant but undemanding, unforceful presence.

Others, however, find that their best contact comes as a result of a specific invocation or meditation. Rest assured; even at times when you cannot feel this presence, your guardian angel is still there, caring for you, loving you. If you had the gift of true insight, you would see his footprints everywhere, running alongside yours.

— In Touch With Your
Guardian Angel —


Develop your own personal formula that acknowledges the unique relationship you have with your guardian angel, and use this as a starting point in communication. You may do this by saying aloud (or to yourself) a prayer, phrase or poem. This needn’t be the same one repeatedly—you may like to choose a new text for each day. Or alternatively, you might prefer to open up communication by meditating on a picture or perhaps light a candle.

Devise a simple method of acknowledging your guardian angel in a comfortable public place: on a train, in the office, or at the movies. One commuter shuts his eyes and reflects on this acronym, based on GUARDIAN ANGEL: “

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David Ross
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