Hello, Guardian Angel? It's Me...

Your angel is always beside you. All it takes is a shift in perception to reveal it.

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Angels are different from us in important ways, however, and there is a tremendous gap between us. We can bridge this gap through love and will. Traditionally, your angel will make the loving effort to bridge this gap and reveal itself to you, usually at a time of extreme need. Yet there are many ways that you can expand your awareness and bridge the gap if you have the love and the will, and use the right techniques. You have only very limited senses with which to perceive the world, so you can’t normally see angels who may be around you. These beings are as real as you, but they are formed of a different kind of energy, an energy that is usually beyond your perception. You can see only a small part of the light spectrum. You can’t, for example, see ultraviolet light, but you know it exists nonetheless. Anyone who has been around pets knows that people usually feel, smell, and hear only a fraction of what many animals can. I’ve seen fish jumping and birds screeching just before a minor earthquake, and it is obvious that most pets have a sense of smell that far surpasses ours. Though this may seem to indicate that we are limited creatures, it merely shows that most of us don’t seek to enlarge the scope of our experience, of our senses. But we could see and hear more if we wanted to.

Preparing to communicate with angels
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Denny Sargent
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